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Asia-Pacific Training for Policymakers and Practitioners on Migration, Environment, Climate Change and Adaptation

Date: 21-Mar-2013 to 23-Mar-2013

Organizer: International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Venue: IOM Migration Research and Training Centre, Seoul, Republic of Korea


Asia-Pacific region has experienced many extreme weather events in recent years which have led to large numbers of people at high level of exposure to risks including the risk of forced migration. With climate change as an exacerbating factor, migration flows are likely to increase in the Asia Pacific region.


In response, IOM will conduct the first pilot training for policymakers and practitioners on the migration-environment nexus.


The training takes place over three days in the Seoul metropolitan area. Leading experts from around the world will lead each training module.




◆ Build capacity of policymakers and practitioners in order to factor migration into environmental and development policies, climate change adaptation strategies, and to factor environmental change into the comprehensive migration management policies of each country;

◆ Facilitate policy exchange among policymakers and practitioners on migration, environment and climate change


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